Equinox Tiled

Equinox Tiled Roof System

A roof over your head and comfort all year round

The beauty of a tiled roof conservatory is that it works just as if it was part of your home. You won’t experience those extreme seasonal changes in temperature, glare from the sun or noise from the rain. Just comfort, space and light – all year round. It’s also the ideal way to transform tired, old conservatory roofs. The Equinox tiled roof system can be easily fitted to any model and offers energy efficiency that’s 10 times greater than an ‘A’ energy rated window.

Equinox tiled conservatory roof benefits:

No compromise on light
Equinox can be fitted with roof windows to maintain the bright and airy feel

Save on build costs
Designed to fit simply and easily onto existing conservatories

Fully insulated system
You won’t have to constantly heat your conservatory with the Equinox Tiled Roof System.


A Highly Delighted Customer in Guisborough

Equinox tiled roof extension
Happy customers in Guisborough
Happy customers in Guisborough