Composite Doors

Composite Doors


Composite Doors – doors with strength, style and sustainability

Composite doors are a modern, sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood with lots of extra benefits. The outer skin is made from a durable glass reinforced plastic (GRP) with a rigid foam core. This means the door is virtually draught-free and soundproof – keeping your home quiet and insulating it up to 6 times better than a wooden door. We have 12 beautiful composite door designs to choose from plus a range of glass and door furniture to complete the look.

All Composite Doors offer:

• Stainless steel hardware – 
25-year guarantee including surface finish.
• Low threshold available – 
Easier access perfect for prams, wheelchairs or cycles.
• 10-year guarantee 
- Guaranteed against swelling, de-lamination and colour-loss.
• Secured by Design 
- Approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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